Alchemy Day 5: Dungeon generation

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was about getting dungeon generation working:

2013-03-16 Dungeon building

I was going for a fairly traditional Rogue-style effect in my dungeons: Rooms connected by twisty corridors. I’m quite pleased with how it is starting to look.

My algorithm is roughly:

– Recursively sub-divide the dungeon into zones, BSP-style
– At each division, add one or two connection points between the zones. The connection points will be either doors or corridors
– At the lowest level, build either a specific room with the connections turned into doors or a set of twist passages

I’m still working on room decoration: I maintain a list of rooms and after the basic level is laid out I run a “decorate” function that adds items of interest, monsters and other scenery to specific rooms.


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