Voronoi fishing net fractal

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Another creative fractal design: this time using layered Voronoi patterns:

(show (let [voronoi1 (voronoi :points 32)]
    :while (v- 0.97 (voronoi-function
             (v- 1 (v* (vdivide (v- y x) y) (vdivide (v- z x) z)))
    :voronoi voronoi1))
    :update (v+ (v* pos 2) pos)
    :result (vdivide 3 (v+ 3 'i))
    :max-iterations 4)) 512 512)


Tricks used here:

  • Using the :while condition to bailout early if a white area is hit
  • Scaling the position vector on each iteration to give the effect of being further away from rear layers – this is the  (v+ (v* pos 2) pos) part
  • Making the resulting colour darker on each iteration – this is the (vdivide 3 (v+ 3 ‘i)) part which tends towards zero as i increases.

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