Using records as functions in Clojure

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s possible in Clojure to make your record data types implement the interface clojure.lang.IFn – and doing so means that you can use them directly as a function in normal Clojure code.


(defrecord Func [f x]
    (invoke [this arg]
      (f x arg))
    (applyTo [this args]
      (apply f x args)))

 ((->Func + 7) 1)
 => 8

I’m still not totally sure whether this trick is a good idea – it might be considered to be “complecting” functions and data in a way that is unidiomatic.

Nevertheless I decided to try implementing this in Clisk and is certainly makes the DSL more expressive – now you can use any Clisk object as a function, and compose them as needed to transform other functions.

This lets you do things like:

(show (adjust-hue plasma (vplasma plasma)))


Quite pretty!

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